Sunday, March 18, 2012

Closet Renovation

I have been unhappy with our master bedroom closet for awhile now because it just wasn't very functional.  It would make a great pantry, but for a bedroom it was just blah.  It is almost 4.5 feet wide by just over 9 fee long, which is a good size.  It just needed a little organization, so I sketched out a plan to have floor to ceiling shelves built in along the back wall and create a double clothes hanging rack on the long wall along with two separate long clothes rods with shelves above.  We don't have a dresser, so I needed space to put baskets that hold our "unmentionables."

Anyway....this is taking a little longer than I thought and we have been working on it all weekend, so I haven't had time to do a proper post about food.  See, I can think about things that don't involve food!

This is the "before" with the previous owners stuff in it.  I didn't have a before picture with my stuff.  It is basically just a simple wire shelf that forms an L shape.  We didn't have nearly amount of crap in there, but it was still a hodge podge of clothes and junk with no real organization.

After we removed all the stuff, pulled out the rods and patched the holes.

After the shelves went in.  Steve is caulking them for a clean built-in finish.  I started painting it, Winter's Day from the Martha Stewart Collection, that is gray with a hint of blue (you can see it along the baseboard on the left).  I would like to paint our bedroom this color in the near future.

This is how we left it last night.  All painted and ready for the hanging rods.  We are also going to put a piece of crown moulding across the top shelf the full width of the wall to join the shelf and divider pieces and make it look more finished.  So far, I am loving the color!

3/20/12 Update
The closet is now done and I LOVE it!  What kinds of projects have you created for your husband to do?
The large tubs are dirty clothes hampers.

Wrigley is just excited we are done.

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