Monday, April 23, 2012

Margherita Pizza

Before we get into this recipe you have to see one of my favorite cooking show clips of all time.  It's from Iron Chef America with Todd English versus Mario Batali and their secret ingredient is pizza dough. Click here to see the shows introduction.  The only part I really like is from the 3:05 - 3:24 marks.  The way he says "pizza dough" is just hilarious to me!  I can't hear those words without thinking of this clip.

Anyway, I'm a big pizza fan and recently discovered a recipe from Tyler Florence that is delicious.  I made a few tweaks to the dough and sauce for my taste and have been using the dough to make bread sticks similar to Little Caesar's Crazy Bread as well.  This recipe makes two crusts so it's perfect to use one for the pizza and one for bread sticks*.  It's very simple to make in a food processor or a stand mixer, but can be made my hand with a little elbow grease.

Sorry for the hiatus

After three weeks away, I am finally ready to get back to work on the blog.  I have done a little traveling and been pretty sick.  After 2 weeks of having a sinus infection, I developed cellulitus on my leg and am in the process of healing that now.  

I can't spend as much time in the kitchen right now because I have to keep my leg elevated often, but I am going to do the best I can with sharing what I'm making for dinner.  Today I'm making a pizza from scratch that will be up on the blog today!